5 Places that make Bangalore a Traveler’s Paradise

5 Places that make Bangalore a Traveler’s Paradise

Have you ever been to a city and found yourself struggling to decide which places to cover? Read along to find out the 5 must-visit places in Bangalore so that the next time you plan a trip, you know exactly where to head to.

You can never tell when the travel bug in you begins craving for another trip to explore various places that the country has to offer. If Bangalore happens to be the place that your heart desires to visit, we have you covered. Here’s a list of 5 places that you must visit that will make your Bangalore excursions totally worth it!

  1. Bangalore Palace- To Give You A Taste Of Royalty!

The magnificent Bangalore Palace was built by Chamaraja Wodeyar in the year 1887 and is the go-to place for all travel lovers to explore the royal roots of the city. The Tudor-Style architecture was inspired by the Windsor Castle of England and is adorned with massive towers, beautiful gardens and an enchanting wood-carved interior that will be a definite feast to your eyes. The most interesting fact about the palace is that the royal family still resides here. So if you wish to experience royalty (although only for a day), this is your chance!

  • National Gallery of Modern Art: Because There’s An Artist Inside All Of Us

There’s something about viewing the preserved remains of the days gone by that appeals to every traveler. If you are an art lover and have an interest in witnessing artwork ranging from the 18th century up until the Independence of India, this is the place for you. Placed within a colonial mansion, adorned with gardens and interconnected wings, this place is a piece of art in itself. What’s more, it also has a humble collection of modern and contemporary artists so you will never feel trapped in a particular age. The gallery is indeed one of a kind, so do visit to make the best of your Bangalore Day trip.

  • Krishna Rajendra Market: For The Shopaholic In You!

No excursion is complete without shopping. Experiences from a trip may rest in your memories for a lifetime, but the only tangible memoirs of the trip are the souvenirs you collect. The KR Market in Bangalore is a paradise for flower lovers as it is popular for its huge variety of flowers. But that is not all! The market also sells a number of spices, fresh products, and copper items. So for your next trip to Bangalore, you know where to fetch those lovely flowers.

  • Cubbon Park: To Quench Your Thirst For Peace And Tranquillity

After a rather hectic day exploring the busy corners of Bangalore, Cubbon Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an introspective evening surrounded by lush greenery. Spread over a 300-acre area of land, this park is home to several indigenous and exotic species of flowering trees. The Bal Bhawan and aquarium inside the park is another attraction that will take the stress away and make you feel alive.

  • Vidhana Soudha: Because This Completes The Bangalore Trip

It is indeed true that a Bangalore tour is incomplete without visiting the Vidhana Soudha. This structural masterpiece houses several legislative chambers of Bangalore and is home to several other government departments. But what is fascinating is that it is an architectural marvel that cannot go unnoticed because of its Neo-Dravidian architecture. It’s a pity, though, that the building is not open to visitors, but is nevertheless worth a drive-by to savor its beauty. Clearly, Bangalore has a lot of enticing options to appeal to the traveler in you. If reading this has stimulated your desire to travel to Bangalore, Indiator has a number of tour packages that will come to your rescue. Choose from our bestselling packages of same-day tours like the Private Full-day Bangalore Sightseeing Tour or our Bangalore-Mysore day Excursion with Lunch and Private Transfer or our multi-day tours like 3 Days 2 Nights Private Bangalore Mysore Tour and 6 Days Private Karnataka Tour with Hassan and Hampi and many moreto enjoy the time of your lives. Book your tickets now!

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