A Guide To The Places You Can Visit Near Maharashtra

A Guide To The Places You Can Visit Near Maharashtra

Who doesn’t want to run away from all the chores and responsibilities of the daily life and find solace in the soothing temperament of a holiday resort or sip hot chocolate in a wooden café at a foggy hill station? The thought of it even rejuvenates your mind, isn’t that so? In Mumbai, the scorching summers are already in. The sun is too bright, and the humidity is touching the skies; why not take a break and flee? If you are looking forward to any such trips, here is a complete guide of the best places to visit in near Mumbai.

•    Lonavala In Maharashtra

This is one highly sought-after place near Mumbai. Situated very close to Mumbai and Pune, this place is the favorable destination for the weekend for the people residing along the western coast. It paints the hills green during the monsoons and is a treat to the eyes during the rainy season of Maharashtra. It has several viewpoints around and some trekking options as well.

•    Khandala In Maharashtra

Monsoons are the best time to visit Khandala. This place is nestled in the foothills of Sahyadri and is perhaps the perfect getaway for the people of Mumbai from their busy schedule. It has some of the exotic locations, and serene Kune falls. The mysterious foggy place is quite a good location to hang out during the weekends. Khandala is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai.

•    Panchgani Near Mumbai

Panchgani is a lovely place near Mumbai that comprises spectacular viewpoints and is quite renowned for the various sunrise and sunset moments that give us a magnificent view of the valley beyond. It does not receive a rainfall equivalent to that of Mahabaleshwar but is thronged by beautiful valleys and formations of rock. The famous Table Land is situated here in this Deccan plateau. The name, “Mahabaleshwar”, has been derived from the five hills that surround the region. Besides these Sydney Point, Parsi Point and Devil’s Kitchen are the other visiting points of the tourists.

•    Mulshi Lake And Dam

It is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra. Located 3 hours away from the city of Mumbai and you are almost here. This place is good for a day out. The main electricity generator of the city, this dam is built on the Mula River. Mulshi Dam is a wonder to behold during the monsoons. It becomes so foggy that it feels like an abode of clouds you are residing in. The 3 hours long drive itself is the most rejuvenating part of the journey!

•    Thoseghar Falls

Thinking of visiting some of the amazing waterfalls ever? Check this place out where there is an array of waterfalls ranging right from 20 meters to 500 meters in height. Thoseghar falls come first in order of the best waterfalls near Mumbai and one of the best places to visit in India. Monsoon is the most fantastic time to witness these falls as the water level rise during the monsoons, which is a classic view to behold. This is an ideal picnic spot too, or you can take a dip in the water, if you may.

•    Kolad Near Mumbai

This place is very close to Mumbai with its scenic beauty mesmerizing thousands of foreigners and tourists. It has a lake that remains fringed by joggling waterfalls and little hillocks. This place is so ideal for a visit during the monsoons when the waters are gushing due to the high tide. You can indulge in recreational activities like river rafting over here. The place is a perfect blend of serenity and flamboyance.

These are some of the beautiful places to check out near Mumbai. These are by far the best places to explore near Mumbai.The monsoons being in full swing, these places thrive in the lush greenery of the surrounding hills and forests. The flora and fauna get a boost due to occasional showers as well. For a day out or a short weekend getaway, you can surely visit these places and get charged up enough to face another deadly week ahead at work.

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