Decorating your Living Room? You Should Try Wall Décor Stickers

Decorating your Living Room? You Should Try Wall Décor Stickers

Living room decoration can be tricky, especially when you are lost what to do. Your friend may recommend something, your parents can recommend something. But what is it that you truly want? Here is a secret. Living room must reflect your personality. It is your house and when guests come to your place, the first thing that they see is living rooms. They sit, eat and talk and often important conversations are held at this part of the house. This is the reason Middle Eastern families have such intricately decorated living rooms.

There are many you can decorate it. First think, what is your style? Do you like it minimum, or do you like heavy decorations or do you like colorful spaces? Whatever it may be, the entire decorations will be according to that theme. It is very important that you stick to the theme.

Large Scale Art

A very unique way to show off your living room is to have a painting that is two-third the size of your wall. Yes, it is huge, but extremely striking. It can add great impact and depth to your room. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is using a painting that is either monochromatic, or is very minimal in nature. Too much artwork on the painting might spoil the mood.

Use Stickers

Many companies have come up with easy art by manufacturing living room stickers. They are just like the stickers we had in school. Just peel off the skin and paste it. It looks very interesting when you put it just over the sofa or a corner cabinet. Many interesting designs are available. You can get floral themed to abstract art and even cartons for the kids!

Create a Wall Gallery

Wall gallery is a very interesting concept inspired by the royal families of Jaipur. Earlier times they had an entire wall, where they would put pictures of their ancestors and forefathers. Similarly you can put paintings combined with framed photographs to create a wall gallery. The composition here is very important. You can use a mix of items small, medium and large frames and create something unique! Frames can be a mix of fiber, metal and even vintage frames. Creative items can be stuck on the frame to create an intricate look. The choices are endless!

Accented Walls

One dedicated wall in the living room can be heavily decorated leaving the others just plain. If you have neutral or nude colour theme in your house, accented walls can add a value touch. One specific wall can focus on textures of paints or paintings of flora and fauna. Here, wall décor stickers for living room can be of great help. You can insert them in between the textured or painted wall to create a mixed medium effect. The paint company technicians are also well equipped with the concept of accented wall. In fact Asian paints is a company in India who is credited for popularizing the concept!

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