Gifting solutions – and Gratitude Returns

Gifting solutions – and Gratitude Returns

Gifting is always a small token of love and appreciation for the service or affection that they have shown towards us. Gifting doesn’t stop with a couple of a family alone. It happens between corporate employers and employees, businesses and influencers, recognizers and entrepreneurs and every single person who has to be made to feel special, appreciated and loved. It is always important to recognize and be recognized.

And with the evolution of gifts – has evolved the unnecessary pile of unwanted plastics and non-recyclable elements that occupy your space and environment. 

Gifting is important. But with the current increase in global warming, you could opt for sustainable gifting solutions that will solve both the purposes, especially when you need awarding gifts on a large scale like a corporate company or a business firm — the appreciation of sustainability as a solution. Several companies have come up with Glass awards and trophies, Bamboo awards and plaques, eco-friendly corporate gifts and awards, personalized plaques, and Recycled awards and trophies. 

The eco-friendly green awards are designed with both beauty and the environment in mind. Eco-friendly gifts are made from organic and sustainable materials. They are perfect for recognizing corporate employees’ excellence and leadership quality. Customized or engraved glass plaque adds values to your employee’s appreciation.

Recycled glass awards and plaque

Artisan glass awards are perfect for any award ceremony. Glassmaking is an art and changed little over the centuries. Recycled glass gifts are made from consumer and industrial waste such as windowpane glass from residential or construction demolition.

Glass awards are unmatched beauty, elegant designs and richness style in awards and plaques. Custom business glass awards are sandblasted to provide with the utmost detail in the engraving artwork.

Sandcarving (glass etching) is the best method of engraving in all forms of glass and crystal. Engraved glass trophies hold the highest value of any engraved gift items. All recycled glass is made by a glass artist who specializes in recycled glass manufacturing. 

Recycled glass plaque is made by pouring molten glass into the molds of various shapes and styles. They are removed from the mold for final polishing when it gets cooled. The natural color of recycled glass is light green shade. Other common colors like blue, yellow and orange can be added to the glass.

Glass is one of the finest materials in the earth that is truly sustainable and endures up being reborn as a new glass product again and again. Recycled glass trophies are the perfect planet-friendly alternative to an acrylic trophy.

Custom awards are unique shapes like your company logo, your building, one of your products, etc. eco-friendly Custom business awards can be made in glass, art glass, recycled glass, and wood.

Sustainable Eco-friendly wooden awards

A variety of wooden types are used for plaques and the bases for customized awards, and gift products. Customized business plaque is made from waste wood from sustainable sources crafted into the smooth block, add size and print with your award details. Wooden corporate gifts are simple and affordable for any organization. Corporate wooden wall plaques come in a variety of styles from beautiful sport and theme wall plaques, corporate walls to the perpetual wall.

Red Alder sustainable woods plaques, photo frames, and desk wedges are designed with lower prices. Many lower cost wooden gifts are made from pressed wood interiors and then covered with either wood veneer or wood foil product. Wooden finished awards are available in a variety of wood shades, including cherry, walnut, oak, and black.

To maintain the ecosystem, it’s better to give gifts from sustainable woods, recycled glass, sustainable plant-based materials, recycled rubber, recycled composites, and bio-resin. By giving eco-friendly gifts at award programming like years of service awards, retirement gifts, new product launch, the board of directors gifts and annual fundraisers, it creates awareness to save the earth from global warming.

We all have to respect natural systems and accept responsibility for the effects of our actions on the environment. Try to use recycled gifts to improve environmental systems and minimize our footprint in destroying natural sources. 

So buy and gifts for your loved ones with standard environmental gifts and step forward to save nature.

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