Guess who is the celebrity mother via surrogacy?

Guess who is the celebrity mother via surrogacy?

Ekta Kapoor

The news started trending on almost all media platforms on Thursday when TV and Films Producer Ekta Kapoor broke the news that she had become mother to a son. Ekta became mother through surrogacy and has named the baby boy Ravie Kapoor. As soon as people from industry got to know about this news, they started sending best wishes to the new mommy.

Surrogacy has been considered a controversial topic in our country but still there are quite many celebrities who have taken its help to become parents. It was not long back that we heard the news about Karan Johar becoming father to twins whom he named Yash and Roohi. This has been nothing new in Ekta’s family as her brother Tushaar Kapoor also took help of surrogacy to become father. The kid is named Laksshya Kapoor.

You must be wondering about the logic behind the name of Ekta Kapoor’s son. As far as name is concerned, not many know that her father’s real name is Ravi Kapoor and it was only when he came in movies that he opted for the screen name Jeetendra. Ekta has not yet shared the picture of baby boy but a pic of her holding her son’s hand is trending on internet.

When asked how she felt after becoming mother, Ekta became emotional and said that she has been quite successful in her career, but welcoming a new member to the family and this feeling is above all the successes. She was always keen on having her own baby. There are moments in life when there are hiccups too. She also had her share but at the moment she was elated. This is certainly an emotional moment for the whole family and Ekta seemed quite excited to start her new journey as a mother.

Since this news broke out, there have been tweets by renowned people of the industry congratulating the queen of television industry. Karan Johar tweeted that Yash and Roohi send love to aunt and have got a new best friend Ravie. Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta also took to twitter to send his wishes to Ekta. He said that it was great news that he received that morning and welcomed Ekta to the world of parenting. There has been wishes from celebrities like Vidya Balan, Anita Hasaanandani, Diya Mirza, Hina Khan, Esha Deol, Himansh Kohli, Hiten Tejwani to name a few.

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar helped Ekta through this whole process and she also posted her comments on Instagram stating that the producer had come to her with a wish to become mother few years back. The doctor tried to help her in becoming a mother through IUI and IVF methods but they were not successful. Thus, it was suggested that surrogacy was the best option and this technique was performed nine months back. After nine months, Ekta is mother to a beautiful baby boy who was delivered on Sunday.

We wish Ekta happy parenting and wonderful days ahead with Ravie. Good luck mommy dear.

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