How To Apply A Mascara

How To Apply A Mascara

Cosmetics and makeup kits have been hanging around for long. The time span until 21st century has seen a substantial enhancement in the makeup. Earlier, makeup was limited to eye coloring only. Nowadays, from eyeliners to lipstick to mascara, you get to witness everything in women’s arsenal. We are all worried and conscious about our face, our look and makeup kit is something that helps us flaunt our skin, hide our imperfections and make us bold and confident.

Importance of Good Mascara

Makeup is all about expressing yourself, your body and as a beauty enthusiast, you can’t deny the importance of a good mascara. A good mascara is your savior where you are at work or taking a trip to the dance club. A mascara lets you define yourself and your eyes create emotions. That’s the only reason, putting on a good mascara on your eyes can give you a smoky look, essential to slaying any party. On the flip side, a poor mascara will determine your eye’s health and eyelashes will start to fall which might cause irritation in the eyes. All it takes a right mascara to draw the people’s attention towards you and all it takes a right mascara to bring differences.

Types of Mascara

Your quest for finding and choosing the right mascara for the smudge-free and long-lasting eyes end here. We know choosing the right mascara can be whelming but is essentially one piece of makeup that makes you look best. Here, we have listed some factors that need to be considered before you buy a new mascara.

  • Lengthening Mascara – Well, if you have short eyelashes, choosing the lengthening mascara will get the job done. Once you apply to lengthen mascara, your eyelashes start to appear bigger than they are. For a more dramatic look, Lengthening Mascara is all you need.
  • Curling Mascara – If you wish to have long and thick eyelashes, a curling mascara can do the trick. A curling mascara curls your eyelashes rather than keeping them single and combined.
  • Water-proof mascara – Whether you love dancing or sweating out in the gym, water-proof mascara is your only savior. Besides this, A water-proof mascara gives you a smudge-free eye.

So, depending upon your eyelashes, you can choose the type of mascara you wish to have.

How To Apply A Mascara?

Running against the time? Well, if you know how to apply mascara, nothing will stop you from the race against time. Here, we have listed the procedure about how to apply a mascara.

  • Clean your eyes – Before putting anything on your eyes, make sure that the eyes are cleaned. Oil or any other substance can affect your eyes. So, clean your eyes well and remove the leftovers, if any, on your eyes.
  • Curl the eyelashes – Once you have cleaned your eyes, curl your eyelashes. Use a curling lasher and place it below your eyes. Gently move and hold for seconds.
  • Apply mascara – Gently apply mascara. Start appling mascara on the roots comfortably. Don’t put too much pressure on eyelashes.
  • Lower Lashes – Lower lashes are as important as upper lashes. These lashes are smaller in the size which means you can switch over to a small wand to apply a coating on eyelashes.
  • Re-coating – You can now re-coat your eyelashes again. Before you decide to re-coat, make sure to be familiar with the amount of volume you wish to have. If you wish to add more volume, you can consider to re-coat.

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