Kerala: God’s Own Country Is Now Disabled & Adult Friendly!

Kerala: God’s Own Country Is Now Disabled & Adult Friendly!

The leafy coastlines, languid backwaters, coconut vendors waiting to subdue your thirst in every alley, and the sprawling tea gardens of Kerala is truly God’s own country. The sliver of paradise nestled in one of the best tourist destinations in India is perfect for one and all. The recent initiative by Kerala Tourism to transform each tourist spot into a disabled friendly place has done its job and left behind happy faces all over the country. From creating basic facilities for recreation and leisure for the elderly and disabled to developing easily accessible tourism infrastructure – everything is being done to offer the best products and services to the wanderlust souls that visit here. Bask under the pleasurable warmth of the sun-toasted, palm tree-lined beaches that are brimming with life and color on your trip to Kerala. This state in South India is undoubtedly the most extravagant and serenely beautiful state that you will see. Come and relish in the beauty of the layered landscape and a slender coastal strip.

To What Extent Is Kerala Adult And Disabled Friendly?

All the credit goes to the District Tourism Promotion Corporation for making Kerala the first state in India that is disabled friendly. From disabled friendly ramps to signs in Braille language, paths, toilets, and bridges – everything is developing at a fast and steady pace. Tourists can also access walking sticks, crutches, and wheelchairs to further enjoy the scenic beauty of the places.

Beach Destinations in Kerala that are an adult and disabled friendly

The spectacular palm-shaded, soul-soothing beaches in Kerala has the potential to leave you awestruck and gasping for air. The coastal state is all about the beaches, exotic resorts, and stunning views. However, all of this is no more limited to a few. Travel shouldn’t be a privilege, it is more of a human right, and that is what the Kerala Government has successfully accomplished keeping in mind all types of tourists.

  • The Fishing Village of Marari Beach – Is Now Aspiring To Be Disabled Friendly

Located in the Alleppey district, this remarkable little fishing village is an idyllic location with its sandy shores and lined coconut trees. Stay back here when you are traveling to Alleppey or Kochi. The beauty of this beach still remains unharmed by tourists, and you can finally enjoy the glorious and endless beauty of the golden sands. If you enjoy tranquility and some harmonious moments where you can connect with nature, there are only a few places like this that will stand in comparison. Get the chance to witness the charisma of this traditional fishing village. Every adult or disabled person will have the chance to venture out in every tourist spot.

  • Alleppey Beach – Experience The Impeccable Glory Of The Sea!

Alleppey has earned its name for being the home to uncountable houseboats, important coir industry, fishing, and a glistening network of backwaters. You can even call it the hub of backwaters in Kerala. When you finally get a chance to wander through the chaotic bliss that lies in this small city, you will automatically wonder why you haven’t been here all these years. The ‘Venice of the East’ is a well-earned and much-deserved tag that the modest canal grids and waterways with its vast network have earned. However, there is a lot more than the humdrum of city life. You will experience the greenery fringed, graceful beauty of the backwaters overlooking the bleak world of villages on water, toddy shops, punted canoes, and rows of the houseboat. Sit back and sip in the mesmerizing beauty of this place.

  • The Earthly and Relaxing Vizhinjam Beach

Spend hours watching the fisherman venture out into the distant yet never-ending sea during dawn. Located in close proximity of Vizhinjam this place must be included in your Kerala Vacation Package. The touristy feel that this place lacks is compensated by the Earthly and rustic views that it has in store. The marine aquarium of this place has a wide display of piranhas, squirrel fish, surgeon fish, lion fish, giant turtles, clown fish, sharks, and the list never end. When here don’t forget to pay a visit to the 18th century, a rock-cut temple that lies near the beach.

  • Kovalam Beach – The Pride Of Kerala!

The clustered and charming fishing village that is all about the crescent, beaches which are backed up by the cascading sea of palms defines the beauty of Kovalam in a few words that fail to capture its enchanting charisma. This place is now flanked by an array of exotic resorts, restaurants, and hotels that stretches all the way from the shores to the hillside. Head straight to the Hawa Beach, an exclusive tourist spot, and you will find it hard to let you wander away. From the sand to the sea, everything about this place can be described as pristine.

Kerala is framed by the beautiful expanses of beaches, and your Kerala Travel Guide will help you discover every inch of it.

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