Social Media Marketing- Leisure or Profession?

Social Media Marketing- Leisure or Profession?

Social Media has become the ever-attractive platform that is attracting people without any limitations of geography, demography and psychograph. Irrespective of whether someone is paying you to do it or you are doing it on your own, most of us find ourselves on the internet most of the time. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a hundred other online portals that we so readily invest all our time in.

If we are willingly spending our time behind these websites, might as well earn some money out of it. Social media is a platform that is becoming the rampant career choice for many freshers and professionals as well. Social Media has a much wider reach than television. It literally makes the world a smaller place to live in. Since it houses about 120 million people in India, brands and businesses have begun to place a lot of importance in this field. This has created uncountable job openings, thereby giving a chance to the umpteen numbers of people wanting to become a concrete part of this field.

The question may arise that how is social media marketing a better way to foster relationships between a company and its customers or getting the company to recruit newer people. Well, it is so because almost everyone is online and they can all get connected with each other at minimal or no cost. It is very easy to write a post on Facebook or tweet something on Twitter. The art is to get people to like you and give you the attention without you seeming to try to make noise.

Marketing on social media requires a person to be aware of different business angles such as human resources, customer relations, communications, etc. The work does not stop at just posting a comment on facebook. The work starts there. You need to monitor the comment or post and see whether it is driving any traffic to your website and getting you any conversions. Monitoring this traffic will tell you whether or not a particular method is working. This will generate reports that will help you see the success of the tactics you have been implementing on the social media platforms.

The business angle that you wish to venture into will explain what kind of skill you require. On the whole, a person wanting to get into social media marketing should have an idea of the social media platforms, should have a command over English and the skill to understand what interactions are taking place online. Apart from this, having a good amount of knowledge in analytics well help you estimate the traffic that is coming to your website. It will tell you whether or not your marketing techniques have proved to be a success and if they will generate conversions.

If one wishes to venture into social media marketing then the best way to gain the most knowledge is getting on-the-job training. You could also opt for learning under a knowledgeable person but an internship or a job always has a better impact. In terms of experience and building a professional network, on the job training has proved to be a much better course of action.

Since digital marketing can only be expected to grow, the careers in this industry are obviously here to stay. This proves that wanting to divulge in this field is not a risk but a lucrative choice. There are a few steps that a digital marketer will find extremely helpful-

  1. Listening: There are in-house software that help a person understand the comments the public is laying out for a particular brand. They need to know which comment is helpful and which is not.
  2. Responding: The digital marketer is expected to respond to the questions of the public, which he finds relevant, on behalf of the brand.
  3. Analysis: this is analyzing the data achieved and knowing the hot topics that people are discussing about.
  4. Influencer management: this involves the marketer to communicate with social media influencers who have the reach to create conversions for a brand. The services of these influencers can either be unpaid or paid for.
  5. Copywriter: building content that can go viral in no time on social media.
  6. Designer: designing content and memes that have the capability to go viral.
  7. Video producers: creating videos that have the capability to go viral
  8. Technology: managing software applications
  9. Client Service: understanding and managing the expectations of clients.

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