T-Shirts & Different Techniques for Printing

T-Shirts & Different Techniques for Printing

T-shirt is a very popular piece of clothing as casual wear with universal acceptance by both men and women. T-shirts can be easily found in the wardrobe of people. They are comfortable to wear; for the same reason, they have high demand among men, women, and children. Not all, but the majority of t-shirts can be used for screen printing, especially the blank t-shirt. One good example of a blank t-shirt that is ideal for screen printing is Gildan G500. It is also one of the top-selling t-shirts in the U.S. (United States).

A Bit about Screen Printing & Embroidery:

Many people in the U.S. want to express their messages to others silently, and the best way for them to do that is through screen printing. T-shirt printing businesses offer men and women the option to choose colors for the designs and text that they want to see on their t-shirts after screen printing or embroidery. However, people need to keep one thing in their minds if they decide to go for printing that some of the colors may change slightly on their designed t-shirts owing to the different materials of which the t-shirts are generally made.

Internet and Printed Designs:

With the birth of the internet, you see a profound change in printing technology. Online printing has become possible because of the internet. Today, complex designs can be printed on t-shirts with great ease. Online printing techniques are more effective than traditional printing techniques, and it is not time-consuming too.

What Is Silk Screening?

Men and women should go for silk screening if they want their t-shirts printed in bulk quantity; on the other hand, printing directly on the garment is a cost-effective method to print a single or a couple of pieces of clothing. There is a major difference between these two printing techniques that is, Direct to Garment (DtG) can be used to apply greater detailed prints on a piece of clothing with unlimited colors.

What Is Label Printing?

One important part of the t-shirt print business is label printing. It is deployed on t-shirts to show different things. The use of inside or outside labels becomes a significant part of considering the colors to be utilized for label printing. To help you out for label printing, we suggest that you should not use darker colors to print the inside labels of lighter color t-shirts, as they may likely be seen on the outside of the t-shirt.

Online Customization of T-Shirts:

Customization of t-shirts become simpler if you print them online. In order to get the best print results for your t-shirts, you need to keep a few important factors in your mind, including colors and the working of old or new printing technologies, in addition to choosing between the inside and outside labels for different materials.


T-shirt printing is not that simple, as it may appear to you. There are different processes that apparel businesses adopt to print a t-shirt. Every method of printing has advantages and some flaws. However, the advantages of printing processes outdo their flaws; for this reason, businesses offer the services of printing, such as screen printing to men and women.  

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