These Bunch Of Fashion Bloggers From Delhi Are A Must-Follow

These Bunch Of Fashion Bloggers From Delhi Are A Must-Follow

The ultimate truth to all your shopping and buying and browsing through the plethora of hues, and trends and styles is spelled in just one word – “Fashion”. People from all over the world, taking turns to stand out of the crowd and display their own sense of fashion has got into the moods of the present-day businesses. The multitudes of garments and couture put together to make the silhouette attain the perfect contrast against the blinding backdrop of the runway in the world are all to flatter yourself and your Instagram feed, these days. There are some of the best fashion bloggers from Delhi whom you must follow to get a glimpse of their style and fashion sense that make a difference in the trendy world of influencers.

1.    Komal Pandey: The College Couture

Komal Pandey is a girl from Delhi who paved her way into this fashion bloggers list when she launched her own YouTube channel and started garnering followers in the thousands. Her Instagram feed is a treat to the eyes. Her specialty lies in mixing and merging clothes that are, normally never, thought of putting together. She wins hearts with her unique and electric style sense and the fusion of ethnic and western attires with junk loads of oxidized jewelry!

2.    Kritika Khuranna: That Boho Girl

Another amazing woman residing in Delhi is the Punjabi girl, Kritika Khuranna. She is another blogger with great styling sense and tends to mix up the regular attires to keep the dying bohemian vibes alive. Her, on-point makeup and perfect hair make her feel worthy of all the double taps.

3.    Pallavi Chaturvedi: That Desi Girl

Focusing mainly on street fashion, Chaturvedi is a lovely woman who knows absolutely what to pair with what and create a unique style of her own. The desi vibes are very much predominant in her posts. Go and follow her at the earliest to check her feed out, full of non-conventional posts. The main attraction is the super long tresses that she styles up according to her attire.

4.    Nikita B: The Shopaholic Diaries

A Plus-size woman influencing so many fellow followers who are ashamed of the shape and size of their bodies, by blogging and convincing them to love herself first is extremely courageous on her part. She encourages and shows the world that size does not really come into play and fashion stands equal for one and for all. Her lovely feed and captions are the features that will catch your attention.

5.    Diya Mukherji: The Runway Madame

As interesting as her username, the blog too stands unparalleled. Creating outfit ideas for all to follow, she does her hair, makeup, and styling with an aim to engage each and everyone equally. They are trendy and stylish, yet at the same time appropriate for all events and occasions.

6.    Shreya Kalra: Ftlofoat

Keeping it trendy and tricky is her styling key. Her feed comprises several experimental wardrobe ideas that are risky yet convincing. You will be amazed to see the confidence with which she pulls them off and carries herself with élan.

7.    Roshni Bhatia: The Chique Factor

A divorcee and a single mother, she found love twice in her co-worker and worked hard to gather her personal life together, besides managing her blog incessantly. Elegance and confidence being her favorite combinations, she creates and weaves a sheath of classy affairs through her attires and enthralls her audience like none other.

8.    Sukhneet Wadhwa: Ms. Coco Queen

Staying trendy and always game for creating perfectly fashionable look books being her only drive, she engages the audience with her confidence. She dresses up simple yet chic and influences the people to adopt her styling vibes.

9.    Monalisa Mahapatra: The Grey Halfway

Mahapatra gives us some real aesthetic feels while going through her feed. She launched her own line of footwear and collaborated with brands like Michael Kors, Tissot, Audi, and Adidas, etc. The feed makes us envious of her model-like essence.

10.    Aien Jamir: Fashion & I

Keeping the classics alive and inducing them back into the routine life, this woman is spreading the vibes of a meticulous combination of florals and prints and pastels. Belonging from Northeast India, she is winning hearts, both in real life and her feed and making her province proud. The minimal makeup and jewelry create a vintage fashion feel.

These are some of the people responsible for creating and making fashion, art, and lifestyle for all of us. Influencing the masses and keeping up with the evolving times, they have kept the world stitched in style.

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