This Holiday Season Explore the Royal Rajasthan Like Never Before

This Holiday Season Explore the Royal Rajasthan Like Never Before

I have never been too good at treading the beaten path. So when I decided to go on a tour to Rajasthan, I wasn’t just excited to view the magnificent forts and palaces but my mind was already racing to indulge in other enticing activities that the desert state has to offer. So here’s all that I did other than visiting the edifices of Rajasthan that made my trip unforgettable.

Off to A Wild-Wild World

No, this isn’t a tragic story with scary elements. It is, in fact, one of the most cherished memories of my visit to Rajasthan. I spent an amazing time exploring two of the most interesting wildlife reserves of Rajasthan- Ranthambore National Park and Keoladeo Ghana National Park. While the former gave me a chance to witness tigers in their natural habitat, the latter is an amazing place for bird lovers as it houses 364 species of birds! I couldn’t have had a more fascinating experience connecting with nature and getting closer to its marvelous creations.

Befriend A Camel And Ride A Stallion

People often say that camel-riding is one of the most thrilling things to do in Rajasthan. Well, I disagree! You can ditch the camel for a horse while spending some time building a friendship with the ship of the desert, nonetheless. I visited the camel breeding farm in Bikaner and had a beautiful experience of bathing and playing with the camels, seeing a completely different side to the strangely friendly animal. On the other hand, I also visited the countryside of Udaipur to enjoy a horse-ride amidst the lanes of the suburbs, spending a delightful time engaging with the locals. The interesting switch brought about an experience that made the tour all the more lovely.
Retail Therapy Never Goes Out Of Style

No holiday is complete without spending some money on buying things that act as mementos from the trip. No matter how hard I try to do things the different way, shopping is one thing I have no control over. So after exploring the wild side of Rajasthan, I set off to satiate the wild shopper in me in the streets of Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur. The place has all sorts of authentic Rajasthani stuff from traditional attires to Rajasthani textiles to beautiful handicrafts that will make your Rajasthan trip a memory to behold.

Get A Taste Of The Rajasthani Flavour

If you want to experience the whole of Rajasthan at one place, Chokhi Dhani is the site for it. Be it the local fair-like vibe, the camel and elephant rides, the rustic village-like ambiance of the place, or the delectable local cuisines, everything I experienced in this magical place took me straight to the purity of the Rajasthani culture.

Mixing Up With The Locals

Finally, the most memorable aspect of a trip to a far off land is to observe the locals and learn from the unique dissimilarities. I visited the local village and acquainted myself with some of the warmest and hospitable souls I’ve ever met. They may be living in fragile houses made of thatch and mud but their hearts were full of love and their aura as vibrant as their attire!

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