Being the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur carries the responsibility in its shoulder to represent and showcase the vibrant and flamboyant cultural traditions of the state. What comes to your mind if someone mentions the name of Jaipur to you? Surreal and wavy sand dunes? The aura of the color pink? Or the vivid cultural tradition, which the people of Jaipur epitomize? Well, apart from these charms, this city has a lot more to offer. Here, we are going to indulge in the virtual expedition of some of the underrated and ‘less commercialized’ places in Jaipur, which are chocked load with beauty and serenity. So, if you are inquisitive about things to do in Rajasthan, look nowhere else.

Things To Do In Rajasthan

  1. Chandlai Lake- Get A Bit Close To The Placidity Of Nature
  2. Kanota Dam- A Place To Swoon Over
  3. Abhaneri- The Place With Surreal Steps
  4. Nahargarh Biological Park- An Untouched Wildlife Gem
  5. Bhangarh- Blend of History And Mystery
  6. Galta Temple- An Enchanting Shrine
  7. Samode- Art And Architecture At Its Best

Chandlai Lake- Get A Bit Close To The Placidity Of Nature

It is said that Chandlai Lake is more than 140 years old and the enigma of this place comes at par with the spectacular Jal Mahal. The real joy of Chandlai Lake lies in its unruffled water body, which will fascinate you with its tranquility and push you closer to the lap of Mother Nature. This place is nestled in a warm corner, which is a perfect blend of a refreshing breeze, and romantic harmony. Here, you can also witness a variety of migratory birds, including Pied Avochet, Palla’s Gul, White Wagtail and Rudy Shelduck, throughout the year. Therefore, if you are gearing up for a Jaipur City Tour, add Chandlai Lake to your bucket list.

Kanota Dam- A Place To Swoon Over

Just 15 kilometers from the heart of Jaipur, this offbeat place is a treat to the eyes as well as the nerves. Kanota Dam is constructed on river Dhoond and is turfed by the Aravalli hills along with an awning of vibrant blue sky, which makes this place even more intriguing. If you are seeking to go for a honeymoon trip or want to spend some alone time with your partner, this place can do wonders for you. Include Kanota Dam to your list, if you are opting for a full day Jaipur pink city tour

Abhaneri- The Place With Surreal Steps

Initially known as Abha Nagri, it is a small town residing in the Duasa district, which is 95 Kilometers away from the city of Jaipur. The major attractions of this place are Harshat Mata temple and Chand Baori hundred stone steps well. It is the deepest as well as the largest lake in India.

Nahargarh Biological Park- An Untouched Wildlife Gem

To spend some time amidst the exotic wildlife, away from the bustles of the city, the Nahargarh Biological Park is a real bliss. It is a home of more than 200 species of birds and 450 species of flora and fauna. Recently, on 4th June 2016, 21 locations were introduced in this place, where you can catch a glimpse of tigers, bears, elephants, birds and several other species.

Bhangarh- Blend of History And Mystery

Bhangarh is an excellent example of the historical ruins of Jaipur. This is, also one of the spookiest places in the world. If you desire to witness some paranormal activity, this is the place that you should head to. Apart from this  Bhangarh is a classic example of historical and architectural ruins, which signifies the glorious times of Rajasthan.

Galta Temple- An Enchanting Shrine

Let us add a pinch of religiousness in our list, by comprising Galta Temple to it. It is a picturesque temple that comprises of 7 natural water springs. It is considered to be very pious by the local inhabitants. There is a rock in this place that resembles a cow’s head, which is known as Gomukh. Numerous Rajasthan tour packages include this temple, which is majestic and looks like a fort.

Samode- Art And Architecture At Its Best

If you have an intense love for art and architecture, this is the place you should visit. The beautiful combination of the aesthetic tastes of Rajput and Mughal architecture will allure you. Currently, this place has been converted into a heritage hotel, allowing people to embrace the grandiose and the splendor of this place.

Jaipur is a very beautiful place that reflects the charm of its history and culture. These are some of the hidden and unspoiled places, which you will not find in most of the Jaipur city tour packages India.

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