Visit to the City of Lakes

Visit to the City of Lakes

Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes has been a prime tourism destination for decades. The warming views of the beautiful palaces, forts and lakes has won the hearts of millions of travelers from across the country, and today I’m going to tell you about my exciting tour from Delhi to Udaipur.

Starting from the beginning, it’s always a fuss to decide where to go, how to go and when to go, so we decided to give this huge task of decision making to Indiator which one of our favorite websites when it comes to traveling. Needless to say, they took care of everything we hoped for and finally settled for an Udaipur tour package from Delhi. Our tour began as we started our journey from Delhi early in the morning; Delhi to Udaipur is a hectic 12 hour drive, so we decided to take a halt in Jaipur for the night.
Beautiful landscapes passed by, and village after village, we finally reached Jaipur and stayed for the night but decided to wake up early, take a quick Jaipur city tour before leaving for our ultimate destination.

Rajasthan is in itself a combination of vibrant culture and heritage that ages back to hundreds of years, and every city of Rajasthan has something unique, like Jaipur being the pink city, and Udaipur being the city of lakes. There were so many beautiful places to visit in Udaipur that it would be unfair if I don’t tell you about them, so here’s a brief of all the amazing things we did and visited on our Udaipur trip:-

Mesmerizing City Palace
A beautiful palace complex that was constructed back in mid 1500’s is located on the east side of the famous Pichola Lake. The complex is huge grandiose of the palace is believed to be one of a kind with a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture

Lush green gardens of Saheliyon-Ki-Bari

One of the popular places in Udaipur, this beautiful courtyard garden has everything picture worthy.  Fountains around the gardens, pools with blooming lotuses and wonderful sculptures are a sight to soak in. 

Grand retreat, Jagmandir

 A royal property in the middle of the Lake Pichola used to be a summer retreat for the royals in the bygone era. The place is the galore of impeccable architecture and breath taking views of the overlooking Lake.  

In the end, I would only say that Udaipur has been one of my most favorite places to visit in Rajasthan and you must take a look at the grandeur of this beautiful city on a Rajasthan Tour. 

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