Tourists are of two kinds. Some prefer the winters and the hilly locations and wait for the perfect months to plan a trip. Some are up for the tropical climatic zones and gear up for a suntan. However, the travelers are passionate, falling each day for the exuberant nature and its beauty. They are voyager who is on a lookout for undiscovered sites and hardly care about weather conditions or risks when it comes to adventures. India is a queer land that offers all the delicacies in a single plate and you need not break the banks to travel there. Divided into the North and the South, this country has some of the exotic places to offer.

Starting from the top, let us take a tour of the North first.

1.    Haridwar

A visit to the north is never complete if you have not visited Haridwar yet. Located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, this place is known as the “the abode of Lord Vishnu”. Considered to the holiest pilgrimage site for all the Hindus, the scenic beauty that it offers knows no bounds. A place shrouded with legends and myths, it is a must-visit in the north of India. People book India tour package and fly down to this place in large numbers, apparently, to wash all their sins away by dipping into the divine waters of the river flowing by.

2.    Nubra Valley

About 140 kms away from Leh, lies this heavenly abode on the silk route of the mesmerizing Jammu and Kashmir. The Shyok and Nubra River meander through this valley, which gets its name from the latter. Some amazingly colorful monasteries, stupas, and temples adorn this place.

3.    Amritsar

The lovely and spiritual city of Amritsar is the place where the famous Golden Temple is located. It portrays the true colors of Punjab. The day starts with holy prayers and chants from the Gurudwaras and ends with the marvelous view of the Golden Temple decked up in a thousand splendid lights, ablaze in a hue of gold.

4.    Auli

A place less explored, it is great for trekking and skiing in the hills of the Garhwal Himalayas. Numerous apple orchards, pine and oak trees throng this place and offer a spellbinding view of the mountains. The snow sheath that engulfs the Himalayas makes it a soulful sight for the travelers. You may check out the Auli tour Packages for great offers.

5.    Dalhousie

Cradled in the lap of the mighty Himachal, this place is one alluring site for all the travel addicts. The enthralling scenic beauty of the range is the best that makes the people come back again and again to this place. The old-world charm, the gigantic mountains, the pine trees adorning the valleys, the flamboyance of flowers deck up the entire region. A merge of Scottish and Victorian architectures is found to be still prevalent over here while the ambiance of the place smells of the British Empire till date.

The South of India is another world altogether. The tropical climate, making it all the more fun and frolicsome, you crave for the sea and the beaches to sip on some lovely margaritas. Come on, let us take a tour:

1.    Coorg

Famously known as the “Scotland of the south”, this place has some mesmerizing views to offer. Massive clouds like the cotton candies float amidst the green hills of the region. Sounds exciting, right? Well, hold your breath as you will see people doing waterfall rappelling. You can try too, as it is a challenge indeed with the water cascading down with all their might. You can book online Coorg tour Package to get a guided tour around.

2.    Pondicherry

Colored in vibrant hues, this place is dotted with lovely little houses and buildings that provide such a lovely site for all your pictures. The French colony of India offers some lovely scenic beauty and is the best to visit with your gang and go on a backpacking hunt.

3.    Ooty

An abode of natural bliss, this place makes a lovely spot to visit with or without your family. The peaceful nature and the surroundings lure you to fall for this place completely. From enjoying the toy train ride and trekking up the Dodabetta Peak to going boating, and visiting the Nilgiri hills, you will get a taste of heaven topped with a tour of the famous tea gardens.

4.    Jog waterfalls

The Shimoga falls, popularly known as the Jog falls, is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. It is one of the best placed to visit in the south of India. They are the second highest plunge waterfalls in India. These waterfalls are surrounded by the lush green valleys that offer a wide range of adventurous activities for the tourists. The monsoon is the best time to visit this place.

5.    Bangalore

To chill out a bit and take breaks from the monotony of life, visit this city to experience some great pubs and nightclubs that are nestled in every nook and corner. The best place for all the party hoppers, it becomes more alive during the nights and offers some great draught beer for you to chug. Opt for a Bangalore city tour to check them out!

Ditch the regular life and put on your traveling boots to get the best of North or South of India (or maybe both) and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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